‘The Batman’ Deleted Scene Reveals Joker Isn’t Joker Yet [Watch]

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Warner Bros. Entertainment dropped a deleted scene from the newly released, “The Batman” recently and the director revealed in commentary of that video that the Joker isn’t really “The Joker” yet.

“I think for me, what I wanted to do, in trying to kind of launch a new Year 2 Gotham, was to have it be as if all of these characters that we know in Gotham sort of already exist,” Reeves said in the deleted scene’s commentary released on YouTube, April 26.

“Here we have a version of this character who is not yet the Joker, but is going to become the Joker, and I wanted Batman to have had an experience with him that put him in Arkham,” he continued. “So, something happened in that first year, and they have a connection right from the beginning, and I wanted this version of the character to go all the way back to the original Bob Kane Bill Finger inspiration, which is Conrad Veidt in the silent film The Man Who Laughs.”

“The Batman” was dropped in theaters on March 4 and it is currently streaming on HBO Max. For more updates on DC and Marvel comics, keep watching this space.


'The Batman' Deleted Scene Reveals Joker Isn't Joker Yet [Watch]

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