Super Bowl 2023: Rihanna Is ‘Laser Focused’ Ahead Of Her 17 Minutes Performance

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Rihanna is all set to rock Super Bowl this Sunday! A source revealed that she is “laser focused on every detail,” revealing that there’s a lot of costume changes happening at this moment.

The 34-year-old singer has been “putting in 100 percent and everything she has to get ready for her halftime performance,” a source told ET on Saturday. “She’s so excited and laser focused on every detail. There’s so much happening from her costume changes, her songs, and choreography with the dancers, and she is making the decisions on all of it.”

“[Rihanna] She just is practicing with her team of dancers and crew at all hours,” the source added. “There’s no time for sleep right now and they are all so dedicated. She knows this performance will be iconic for years to come and it will live on forever.”

The source further said that these 17 minutes are going to be the “craziest” in her life, adding that Rihanna is “nervous, but also knows she is going to kill it.”

“She wants everything to be perfect because she hasn’t performed in so long. She’s putting pressure on herself and wants to blow people’s minds,” the source said. “She wants people from her country and all over the world to feel her speaking to them. She believes it’s a chance to do more than sing and entertain, and that it’s a time to speak to where she came from and represent who she is. Her performance will be all of that.”

The source also disclosed that Rihanna’s 9-month-old son and partner, A$AP Rocky will also be there for her on this big day.

“Rihanna really loves that her family will see her on stage and her son will understand how big of a deal this is one day, so it’s not just about the show for Sunday. It means so much more to her,” the source said. “She feels grateful to have A$AP’s support and has been talking about her son at rehearsals and showing videos to her dancers and team. She is such a devoted, hardworking mom and it’s really amazing to see.”

For more updates on Super Bowl 2023, keep checking this space.

Super Bowl 2023: Rihanna Is 'Laser Focused' Ahead Of Her 17 Minutes Performance
Credit: Instagram/Rihanna

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