‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Faces Backlash For ‘Purity Talk’ With Her Kids

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is blaming her “impure” truth on her ex, who she was married to before she met Kody Brown.

It is no secret that Robyn was married before Kody Brown made an appearance in her life. The duo called it quits after about eight years of being married. 

Moreover, she and her ex share three children together. At one point on Sister Wives, Robyn decided to open up about her purity story.

During the explanation, the fourth wife of Kody accused her ex-husband for taking her virginity. Some SW fans started a Reddit thread after rewatching the full Robyn “Purity Talk.”

Notably, Redditors have highlighted her lack of accountability in the comments section. For those who are unaware, Robyn grew up in a polygamist family. However, she and her ex-husband David Jessop did not practice the lifestyle. 

Breaking The Family Rules

Robyn claims she had several suitors following her divorce, but she did not want to be in a monogamous relationship.

Later, she met Meri, who introduced her to Kody. The pair immediately hit it off. Kody began courting Robyn but he did not play by the rules. 

Kody broke the no kissing rule of courting when he sealed the engagement with a kiss. Moreover, the couple had an 11-day honeymoon, leaving Sister Wives fans wondering if she followed the rules of the faith?

Robyn Brown’s Purity Talk

During one episode, Robyn decides to discuss purity with her children. She talked about a girl who gives it away to the wrong person, who wasn’t worth it. 

She eventually goes on to find the right man who should’ve gotten this gift, as per a report by TV Shows Ace. Fans took to Reddit to express their feelings.

The girl in the story was her, and the man was her ex. “She’s crying again because she gave her virginity to the wrong guy…I think some of us have been there, done that but not cried over it,” one commenter joked.

This came ahead of her son Dayton’s birthday. She was concerned that viewers would find out she wasn’t pure before she wed since marriage records were public knowledge.

““Don’t tell your kids ON NATIONAL TELEVISION that their father bullied her into sex and was a mistake,” Another Redditor said.

“I’m struggling to think if they even should know any of that, but they certainly don’t need ME knowing it,” the Redditor added.

A third one added: “I’m surprised she hasn’t come up with a way to convince people she was a virgin when she met Kody.”

However, a considerable number of comments revolved around how her kids must have felt. Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

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