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‘Sister Wives’: Kody’s Old Girlfriend Describe His Romantic Moves To Co-Wives

One of Kody Brown’s old girlfriends has divulged details about the Sister Wives star’s secret caress to his four wives.

To recall, Kody Brown’s actions with his four wives had made him blush several seasons back. The Sister Wives patriarch had visited his high school friends with his four wives. However, much to his chagrin, one of them was his old girlfriend.

Kody Brown’s Old Friend Call Him “Stupid”

Kody introduced Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn to his old friends, including both men and women. However, things got a little testy at the meeting.

It all started when his close high school friend called Kody “stupid.” According to the friend, Kody’s decision to marry more than one woman shows he is dull-witted.

As expected, the reality TV star didn’t like his friend calling him stupid. Putting an end to this line of conversation, Kody told his friend that he wasn’t answerable for his decisions.

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Another one of Kody’s friends said she immediately understood why he is practicing polygamy. She went on to reveal that he always wants to be the center of attention, as per a report by Soap Dirt.

Marrying four women and having 16 kids, according to this friend, was the best way to ensure he continues getting all the attention.

Kody blushed at this comment and laughed. In other words, Kody’s old friends think he was someone who craved attention. Moreover, some SW viewers describe him that way too.

Old Girlfriend Reveal Kody’s Secret

Interestingly, one of the women in the gathering had dated Kody in high school. She went on to shed light on his romantic moves.

SW fans did not know until recently that Kody and Meri Brown were not interacting for a long time. Meri wasn’t intimate with Kody for nearly a decade.

This gathering took place back in 2011 when Kody and Meri had just started their decade-long of no intimacy between them.

This must have been understandably hard for Meri to hear his friend describe his romantic moves. Moreover, the other wives didn’t like when Kody’s old girlfriend started talking. 

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She revealed the spot Kody hit that made her swoon. Making circular motions on her arm with her hand, the friend showed the co-wives what Kody did.

Moreover, she even described how good it felt. The Sister Wives stars found out how Kody enjoyed being the center of attention even when he was younger.

People he knew long ago, believe this need was the reason he decided to practice polygamy. As if that weren’t enough, his four wives found out how he romanced his old girlfriend using his magical moves.

However, Kody’s outlook on Polygamy has since changed. He doesn’t plan to add another wife, stating that polygamy is not working for him. What do you think about Kody? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Watch this space for updates on “Sister Wives.”

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