‘Sister Wives’ Fans Think Kody Was Aware Of Christine’s Plan To Leave Him

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Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown was barely surprised by Christine Brown leaving him because he was expecting her to exit their marriage.

Kody Brown accused his spiritual spouse, Christine Brown of betraying him because she left him without any prior notice in Sister Wives season 16. However, fans think the patriarch was fully aware of her plan to leave the marriage.

In the season 16 tell-all special, Kody admitted that he was shocked by Christine telling the other wives she was planning to leave the plural marriage. However, it appears that he already knew about her plan to leave him.

Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Knew Christine Would Leave Him

According to ardent viewers of the show, Kody and Christine’s marriage was apparent for several years. Christine became a part of Kody’s polygamous family, although he was already spiritually married to Janelle, as per a report by ScreenRant.

Aside from that, Kody was legally wed to his first wife, Meri at the time. Almost 20 years after marrying Christine, Kody found a new wife that some fans believe ousted Christine from his heart.

Kody even ended his and Christine’s intimate relationship in season 16. Considering their history, Sister Wives fans think Kody knew Christine would leave him.

During the recently concluded tell-all special, Kody admitted she was angry at Christine for telling other wives that she was leaving the marriage, but hiding her plans from him. Moreover, she told them that she would be abandoning his Arizona property.

Fans Think Kody Knew About Christine’s Plan To Leave Him

Kody says he felt betrayed by Christine, but some fans think he already knew about her plans to call it quits. Kody pulled away from her for expressing her disdain for the state of her marriage.

Taking to Reddit, a Sister Wives viewer pointed out that Kody contradicted his action of pulling away from Christine, by claiming he did not know about her plan to exit the marriage.

“[Kody] didn’t know Christine told others she wanted to leave. Then he states the reason he withheld intimacy was because… she wanted to leave,” the viewer wrote.

According to some viewers, Kody is simply trying to show Christine in a bad light by claiming she betrayed him. Moreover, viewers have pointed out some instances that Kody hinted that he knew Christine’s plan to leave him.

For instance, Kody had revealed that his wives were threatening to leave him in Sister Wives. “[Kody’s] such a liar and can’t keep his story straight. Does he forget he had the last 10+ years filmed?” one fan wrote.

However, some viewers think Kody was simply trying to confuse them by making contradictory statements. “This narcissist is trying to confuse people with his word salad,” one commenter addressed.

While Kody claims Christine betrayed him, viewers believe he is the liar of the tell-all special. 

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