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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Heap Praise On Evie For Fitting Her Own Prosthetic [Video]

Netizens are heaping praise on Sister Wives celebrities Janelle and Kody Brown’s granddaughter Evie, who has become a social media sensation.

Evie is proudly fitting her own prosthetic in a new viral video. Kody and Janelle’s eldest daughter Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb Brush raise Evie-K and her brother Axel.

Regrettably, the adorable girl was born with FATCO syndrome. So, she isn’t able to get around as fast as Axel. Nevertheless, she has proved that she is a fighter.

In fact, she can now fit her own false foot. Her mom is understandably proud of her daughter. Evie was born a missing a thumb, fibula (calf bone), and toe in one o her legs.

Moreover, she had a bowed tibia (shin bone), and a couple of her fingers were fused together. She underwent surgery to amputate part of her leg when she was only 1 year old.

Evie-K Gains Praises For Insisting To Put On Her Own Prosthetic

Maddie Brown Brush admitted that it is sad to watch Evie-K struggle with physical activity. However, she realizes that she should try and overcome her own challenges, as per a report by Soap Opera Spy.

Taking to Instagram this week, Maddie shared a clip of her daughter fitting on her sleeve for her false foot. Janelle reposted the video to her Instagram account.

“She insisted on doping it herself,” Maddie captioned the video. “She’s getting so big,” Maddie added. The clip was reshared by Good News Movement’s account.

As expected, several fans took to the comments section of the video to express their love. The admin captioned the post, “This sweet girl puts on her prosthetic herself for the first time. I feel like an older sibling.. and I don’t know her. So proud! You got this! ❣️.”

“All about attitude & perspective,” one Sister Wives fan wrote. Another added, “Kid’s a boss!”

“Love her spirit!!” read one comment. Another read, “kids are so resilient, they just go with the flow.”

What do you think about Evie fitting her own prosthetic? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

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