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‘Sister Wives’ Fan Finds A Shocking Fact About Christine & Kody’s Split

A shocking piece of information about Sister Wives star Christine Brown has surfaced online. Read on to know more!

Sister Wives viewers were shocked when Christine Brown decided she’d enough and left Kody. Aside from that, she has been gaining praise from her fans for raising her kids well.

She recently admitted that she felt terrified of leaving the polygamous marriage with Kody Brown. Christine went on to announce her split from the Sister Wives patriarch on social media. 

In one episode of Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Christine’s son Paedon admits that when his mom “first released the picture on Instagram, explaining that she had left, she was terrified. She was horrified.” 

“She didn’t look at her Instagram,” he said. He added that “she didn’t look at her messages. She put it down as she drove for several hours, because she did not want the negative [sic].”

However, most of her fans supported her decision to leave Kody. “The second she opened her phone, she had blown up with, ‘Good for you, congratulations,’” Paedon continued. 

“Nothing but positivity. It meant so much to her. Every little positive thing, every big positive thing — it all meant so much to her.”

Christine Decides Its Time To Call It Quits

In a new Reddit thread, an SW fan shared a piece of shocking information about Christine and Kody’s split. “Fun fact: Everyone but Christine had gotten a legal divorce,” the Reddit user wrote.

“Christine is the only one in the family that isn’t legally divorced from someone because she never legally married anyone. Janelle divorced from Meri’s brother. Kody and Meri divorced from each other so Kody could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children. Robyn divorced from her first husband.”

Fans React

“With all this, “she didn’t even try” BS. I think it’s funny that ALL the others are divorced and Christine can just walk out the door, dusting off her hands and be done with Kody. Yes they may still have linked business interests what with all the entertainment LLC’s Kody has created but that’s different.”

Taking to the comments section, SW viewers shared their reaction with one noting, “This is actually a really interesting fact.”

Another added, “I think it’s funny that ALL the others are divorced and Christine can just walk out the door, dusting off her hands and be done with Kody.”

“But having 6 kids outside of marriage, with no alimony or right to benefit from his pension plan or Social Security, isn’t particularly funny.” the commenter added.

“I didn’t know this, very interesting. So all their BS about not all polygamists abusing the system is… BS,” a third wrote.

“So this guy did not legally acknowledged some of his biological kids but he did legally adopt Robyn’s kids… I’m not sure why I’m surprised tbh.”

The Reddit post had over 250 upvotes at the time of writing.

Are you surprised to find out that Christine did not actually get a legal divorce? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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