Salman Khan’s photo on ID card of an voter in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: In a peculiar case, a voter in the Hyderabad metro surveys turned up with an authoritatively issued personality card conveying the name and picture of Bollywood whiz Salman Khan.

The staff at a surveying focus in the old city of Hyderabad was shocked the voter demonstrated a personality card with Salman Khan’s name and picture to make his choice in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation decisions on Tuesday.

Salman Khan's photo on ID card of an voter in Hyderabad

By card, Salman Khan’s dad’s name is Saleem Khan. The main distinction is the age. The card demonstrates to it as 64 years while the real age of the performing artist is 50.

Authorities at the surveying stall in Gowlipura in Charminar division did not permit the individual to vote. Individuals said the occurrence was another confirmation of the way in which race powers issue voter id cards.

“Those who are genuine voters in a locality don’t get identity cards or their names are deleted without any notice,” said Syed Haider, an occupant in the old city.

Salman Khan's photo on ID card of an voter in Hyderabad

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