Rich And Beautiful History Of Petra Which Lies In Jordan

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The Wonderful Study Of Petra

The historical backdrop of Petra is a wonderful study. Petra history which lies in the southern region of Jordan is rich in history and excellence. Petra was a settlement essentially occupied by an antiquated individual called Nabataens. These individuals developed rich from exploiting Petra’s location because there was a long route for traders to exchange goods.

Initially Petra was called as Sela, signifying “rock” and later it was named from the Latin word “Petrae” that too mean rock. Petra’s popularity is credited to its wonderful sandstone, ‘rose-red rock’ exteriors and the natural fortification it gives. It is accepted that around 1200 BC, the area was possessed by descendants of Ishmael who was also called as Edomites. It happened many times when other empires battled against them also gained control of Petra but that too only temporarily.

The Ancient City Of Petra

This ancient city of Petra was actually cut from the sandstone cliffs of southern area of Jordan. There the Nabataeans fabricated tombs and temples, houses and halls, aqueducts and altars. Furthermore as per the Petra history, they have built a civilization that remained at the junction of the old Near East, a middle for business as the spice routes and exchanging trails of the time all coursed through Petra.

Petra – Lost City Of Stone

According to the Petra history the city was home to exactly 20,000 Nabataeans who, amidst the desert, fabricated a system as ingenious of waterways to furnish their city with the valuable liquid. Petra was rediscovered in early 1800s, since enlightens to everyday life in this stone city which is lost, are being uncovered and today they are starting to see at the end of the day what 2000 years back Petra resembled.

Amazing Facts About The Lost City – Petra

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