‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams Arrested At Breonna Taylor Protest

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The former contestant of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams was arrested while protesting. On Wednesday, her sister Lauren Williams had posted a video on Instagram where it was shown that Porsha was getting handcuffed while protesting fighting for justice on behalf of Breonna Taylor.

In the caption section of the video, Lauren wrote, “She has always been fearless. You mess with her people, you mess with her,” Lauren wrote.

Porsha Williams

“She takes the case of #breonnataylor personally and she’s sacrificing work, time with her loved ones, and her comfort to make sure the offenders are held accountable for their actions. This is her passion, this is her purpose. God, please protect them,” she added.

For a long time, Williams has been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. She has many times used her Instagram page to raise awareness for the movement as well as lead by example. After her arrest, there is a lot of love showed by fans for the reality TV star.

The star of RHOA was part of a protest on the lawn of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. The demands of the protestors were to be heard and hold people accountable for Taylor’s senseless death.


Williams was part of a special Watch What Happens Live on Bravo earlier this year. On the chat show, she had talked about systemic racism. Williams is drawing inspiration from her grandfather, Hosea Williams. During the Civil Rights era, Hosea used to work with Martin Luther King Jr.

According to Williams, seeing the black people getting treated this way would be really sad for her grandfather as he spends half of the life fighting for the black lives. It very important for people to take this thing as seriously as they did and the way they dedicated their life to it because this is not a race it is a marathon. She thinks her grandfather would want us to do the same thing no matter what race you are.

“But I think, as white people who want to make a change in the understanding around the world, everyone is understanding that there has to be a change. Let’s go to what practical things we can do,” she added.


Porsha Williams

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