Reminiscing 9 Years Of Pokiri - Mahesh Babu Puri Jagannadh

Reminiscing 9 Years Of Pokiri – Mahesh Babu | Puri Jagannadh

Reminiscing 9 Years Of Pokiri - Mahesh Babu Puri Jagannadh28th April, it is a day to cherish for not only Mahesh Babu but also Puri Jagannadh as on this day Puri Jagannadh and Mahesh Babu’s combo gave a massive hit like Pokiri to entire Indian film industry which is still a milestone for all. Pokiri was released on 28th April 2006 starring Mahesh Babu, Ileana D’Cruz and Prakash Raj which was directed by the ace director Puri Jagannadh.

Pokiri was a defining moment in Mahesh babu’s profession which made him a hotshot over night. Budget of the movie was less than 10 crores however it gathered approx. 48 crores at the box office. The accomplishment of this movie was celebrated like a festival.

There was Annadhanam (Food serving) persistently for 7 Days by Prince Mahesh Babu’s Fans at Jayashyam Theater from 100th Day! Pokiri broke all the existing records of 75 years of Telugu films in terms of collections and as well as number of centers long run. It is the only Telugu film to run for 1000 days.

Let’s have a look at significances of Pokiri:

Reminiscing 9 Years Of Pokiri - Mahesh Babu | Puri JagannadhMahesh Babu: This was the best ever execution by Mahesh Babu. His acting abilities not just render commercial entertainment to the audience, additionally amuse the genuine film-goers. Puri Jagannadh ought to be recognized for doing extraordinary portrayal for Mahesh. Mahesh Babu’s one-liners articulated in Uttarandhra tongue was genuine fun. Mahesh Babu who is without a doubt the best good hero of this era was greatly fascinating with his new haircut in Pokiri. Mahesh Babu revealed in an author-backed role. His insouciance and cultivated elegance add to the polish of the character. He is decidedly first rate in the role of a patented baddie. The director seems to have created his character with lot of care.

Ileana D’Cruz: It was ileana’s second movie in South cinema for which she got a lot of appraisal regarding her acting skills. Her exchanges with Mahesh Babu and the natural chemistry that flow between them was a highlight of the movie. She was another attraction of the movie.

Prakash Raj: Prakash Raj played a don as usual but the way he played the don was different from usual. The characterization of this character was witty and entertaining. Prakash Raj is the only character of this movie which was played by him only in all other remakes of Pokiri.

Reminiscing 9 Years Of Pokiri - Mahesh Babu | Puri JagannadhPuri Jagannadh: The ace director Puri Jagannadh has hit the nail on the head as a scriptwriter. He has worked around the story with skill. He has additionally got the vibe of the movie right. Puri Jagannadh surely knows the pulse of the audience. You must have seen this before, people must have done this before but the touch that Puri Jagannadh adds to the movie gave it an amazing look, whether it’s about taking care of the characters or the dialogs of the movie, puri jagannadh did everything in an one of a kind way. Puri Jagannadh some genuine circumstances and episodes astutely to weave a plot that is without here and now. Land mafia and blackmails are not obscure in the city, but rather separated from that, he utilizes the character of Qadri to discuss different issues which appear to be stinging him. He discusses media morals, similar to columnists talking with Veerappan and Moddhu Srinu while the police wildly scan for them, the way they air programs which indicate recreations of criminal acts and violent occurrences and news channels airing shocking MMS clasps to pick up TRPs. He has a message to convey, and is not going to be discovered getting sermonizing in this no-nonsense business flick, however he talks his mind cleverly and clearly. [Click here to read Puri Jagannadh’s interview for Pokiri]

Reminiscing 9 Years Of Pokiri - Mahesh Babu | Puri Jagannadh - Prakash RajRemakes: Pokiri was originally written by Puri Jagannadh himself which was later remade in multiple languages such as, in Tamil as Pokkiri (2007) directed by Prabhu Deva, Hindi as Wanted (2009), in Kannada as Porki (2010) and also dubbed into Hindi as Tapoori Wanted.

Awards: Puri Jagannadh won 54th Filmfare Awards South 2006 Best Director award Telugu. It received four Nandi Awards in the same year for Best Popular Feature Film (Puri Jagannadh, Manjula Ghattamaneni), Best Editor (Marthand K. Venkatesh), Best Fight Master (Vijayan), Best Male Dubbing Artist (P. Ravi Sankar). Mahesh Babu also received Santosham Best Actor Award at Santosham Film Awards 2007.


Mahesh Babu New Movie with Puri Jagannadh - DhamkiPokiri celebrated 175 days in 63 centers and 100 days in 200 centers which is an “All India National Record”.

Pokiri collected a of net gross of 66.50 crores and a net share of 48.285 crores which is highest ever collected by a South Indian film followed by Rajinkant’s ‘chandramuki’ which managed a gross of 50 crores.

Pokiri occupies the second place in All Indian Top Grosser ever, falling short of the highest grosser Gaddar by just 3.50 crores which collected 70 crores.

When it comes to net share ‘Pokir’ ranks first among all the Indian films beating Gaddar by 3.185 crores. Gaddar managed a share of 45.1crores where as ‘Pokiri’ got a net share of 48.285crores.

Pokiri not only ranks second in the top Indian film grosser but also it is the first and only South Indian film so far to make entry into awe-inspiring top 5 Indian film grosses. Another South Indian film Rajinkant’s ‘Chandramukhi’ got satisfied with tenth place.

Though there are ten films in top ten Indian film grosser list, only six are verdict as All Time Block Buster depending on the amount they collected and the year they got released. ‘Pokiri’ stands out to be the one and only South Indian film that is verdict-ed as All Time Block Buster.

Usually all National Records are created in Cities. But ‘Pokiri’, unbelievably, created an unique National Record at Town. Due to the undying public demand, the movie was screened 5 times per day for 200 days with 1005 shows at jayasayam theater. This is a National Record set by ‘Pokiri’. (note: the first two days wen the movie got released it was screened more than five shows and as a resulted ended up with 1005 shows in 200 days.)

Presently, ‘Pokiri’ is running towards 365 days in Bhageeeratha dts theatre at Kurnool. Earlier ‘Premabishekam’ is the only film in Telugu film history to run for 365 days in a single theater without shift. If ‘Pokiri’ reaches there it will remain as an unbelievable achievement keeping current generation market in mind. Keep going ‘Pokiri’..

Pokiri ran for 175 days in 2 theatres, 100 days in 17 theatres, and 50 days in 19 theatres. No other movie managed 175 days for more than one theater at Hyderabad. As a result Mahesh will remain in the history as the first hero to have silver jubilee at 2 theaters at Hyderabad at the same time, with the same movie. Even in 100days and 50 days theaters numbers it occupies the first place.

Mahesh is the only hero with 5 Silver Jubilees at Hyderabad City (Murari -1, Okkadu -1, Athadu -1, Pokiri -2) after NTR and ANR.

Pokiri collected State Single theater highest gross of 1.61+ crores in Sudarshan 35mm alone in Hyderabad. This is the highest single theater gross not only for Hyderabad but also for the entire AP State.

Pokiri is also the first and only movie so far at Hyderabd to collect 1+crores in 3 theatres at Hyderabad. The three theaters are Sudharshan 35mm, Mega and Viswanath. Prasads fell short of 1crore figure just by 2lakhs which collected 98+lakhs. No other film collected 1+ crored for more than one theater at Hyderabad. The power of Mahesh is proved here once again.

In fact Mahesh has 4 movies so far that crossed 1+ crores in Sudharshan alone. The four movies are Murari, Okkadu, Athadu and Pokiri.

Pokiri is also the only telugu film to have created theatre records at 4 states other than Andhra Pradesh. The four states are Tamil Nadu(Chennai), Karnataka(Bangalore), Orissa(Sholapoor), Maharashtra (Mumbai).

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