Puri Jagannadh Search For New Directors

Puri Jagannadh Search For New Directors – Talent Hunt

Puri Jagannadh Search For New DirectorsHair-raising director Puri Jagannadh took some space from his occupied schedule and is arranging a talent hunt for youth. The expert director in association with Sakshi is thinking of an ability chase for maturing directors. Puri Jagannadh will be giving 10 stories for 10 days (one story every day) and the sprouting directors will need to shoot a short film of 10 minutes term focused around the story.

These short movies can be shot with any camera. In the event that somebody don’t have a cam, he can even shoot with an iphone. Puri Jagannadh will be putting forth opportunities to the individuals who awes him with their short movies. “Talent is abundant in both the Telugu States. They should come up or else people will get to see only our films all the time”, Puri Jagannadh said in a propelling tone. Puri Jagannadh is presently occupied in the shooting of Temper. The film is in the last leg of its culmination. It is said that he will be directing Mega Prince Varun Tej for his next undertaking. It is said that he as of now have the headed script for Varun Tej’s film.

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