Puri Jagannadh Fandom – Fans make it especial!

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In the race of outstanding Tollywood directors there is one director who stands out for not only his work but also his appearance and style. It’s none other than director Puri Jagannadh. We all must have read many articles related to his work and style but this article is specially dedicated to his fandom.

There are people who admire Puri Jagannadh while watching his work (films) then there are people who bring him into his day to day life. Here is how fans have given him special place in their lives:

A wall full of pictures


Including Tablet, Laptop Screensaver & Photo-frame


How can one miss this! Helmet, iPhone cover, Bike, Writing Pad & Cup


Last but not the least – Permanent Tattoo!


Well, after all the craze calling one self as PROUD PURIAN is completely justifiable! Do share with us your fandom stories in the comment below. Happy Fandoming!


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