Prakash Raj took a dig at websites writing reviews [VIDEO]

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Prakash Raj took a dig at websites writing reviews [VIDEO]Prakash Raj took a dig: Most versatile performing artist, director and movie producer Prakash Raj is known to be the straightforward person who minces no words with regards to communicating his perspectives obtusely. In a crisp occurrence, he hammered certain film sites and critics for their average reviews and appraisals for his most recent film, Shourya.

Last Friday, Manchu Manoj’s Shourya discharged to tepid reaction from pundits. Most sites evaluated the film between 2.25 to 2.75, which is thought to be underneath normal to normal. This thus influenced the film’s accumulations and agitated with this, Prakash Raj said that media ought to be more capable with regards to rating and exploring movies.

“Nobody is a born genius to make a great film or even to judge a film,” said Prakash who additionally depicted Shourya as an after effect of hard work and passion of a few individuals. The performing artist further said that audiences nowadays trust these reviews and essentially choose whether to watch a film or not and that sites must be a bridge between of movies and audiences. For more updates keep visiting

Watch here:

Prakash Raj took a dig at websites writing movie reviews

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