One Night Stand Review | Sunny Leone | Tanuj Virwani | Witty Scoop

One Night Stand Review | Sunny Leone | Tanuj Virwani | Witty Scoop

Plot: A chance meeting between a baffling lady and an event coordinator prompts an insane night spent generally in a bathtub and somewhat on a lounge chair. They are content, thinking their ways will never cross again.

Story: Two independent individuals spend a night together for fun but how it affect their lives is the whole story.

Issues: Blazing issues like conjugal assault and profession after marriage are treated easily and a dynamic viewpoint. This in the end ends up being the best thing around One Night Stand. The resonant melodies come a nearby second. Yet, no doubt about it: One Night Stand is still a normal film with a common topic. It, in any case, is one of the better completed items with a comparable formula.

Location: Shooting of the movie is done in Goa and Pune.

Acting: Urvil’s (Tanuj Virwani) character of an effective corporate person is cut with consideration. The discoursed draw out his certainty and fixation. Be that as it may, Sunny Leone and her unbalanced Hindi play the spoilsport. The reason is laid with accuracy and we really see the performers advocating their callings. Keeping the discussions exact (read no acting) is the genuine contrast between One Night Stand and a regular Bhatt film.

Music: In music sense, this will be a different film for Bhatt productions as Music is real weak. Though Bhatt films are known for giving best music albums to Bollywood.

Cinematography: With the location chosen, cinematography is decent.

Cast: Sunny Leone as Celina, Tanuj Virwani as Urvil, Nyra Banerjee as Simran.

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