‘Notorious Queens’: Mehgan James Explains Her Dream Man To Celebrity Matchmaker [Watch]

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In an exclusive clip of this week’s all-new episode of Notorious Queens, Mehgan James explained her dream man to a celebrity matchmaker.

In the clip, the Bad Girls Club star revealed that her dream man has to at least make a million dollars a year. La’Britney had an interesting reaction to Mehgan’s list.

The matchmaker pointed out that much of what James said did not say much about the man’s personality or values. The odds for James finding her dream man during this season of Notorious Queens seem against her.

“Maybe I’m the problem ? – I’m just tryina find my Russell in a world full of futures ? watch.” she captioned the clip, which she shared on her Instagram account.

The ALLBLK series revolves around four women, who have a reputation for being notorious in the hip hop community due to their past romantic relationships and intense media coverage. For instance, Stormey Ramdhan is the ex-fiance and mother of two sons to Death Row Records CEO Marion “Suge” Knight,

The show also features Tonesa “Toni” Welch is known as the “The First Lady” of Black Mafia Family (BMF), Love & Hip-Hop star, and R&B singer La’Britney and famed Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives reality star Mehgan James. Leaving their past behind, these women will embrace new horizons in friendship, business, and love.


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Let us know what did you think of the qualities Mehgan listed in the comments section below. Watch this space for the latest news about Notorious Queens.

Notorious Queens Mehgan James

Notorious Queens Mehgan James

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