Notorious Queens Trailer

‘Notorious Queens’: Allblk Makes Way For Four Infamous Women In New Reality Series

Four strong women, who are known for being in relationships with famous people, are headed to AMC’s streamer AllBlk in a new reality series, Notorious Queens.

The much-awaited series launched on Apr. 1, featuring Stormey Ramdhan, Tonesha “Toni” Welch, La’Britney, and Mehgan James. The bad reputation can be partly attributed to their former famous partners.

These women will be embracing new experiences in various aspects including love and business as they come to lean on each other. TV Insider offered the first glimpse of one of their first drama-laden group gatherings.

In a clip posted to AllBlk’s official YouTube channel earlier this month, Toni (a.k.a. “the first lady” of the Black Family Mafia) is eyeing former Basketball Wives star Mehgan, trying to recall where she had met her before. Turns out, the pair had met at a basketball game.

Toni has spent time in prison for drug laundering, while Meghan was in a relationship with Kedrick Brown. “She gave me this vibe that’s like, you know, ‘I’m out here just trying to get this money, and I don’t care about nothing else. I’m beautiful and I’m just gonna get this money,’” Toni says in a testimonial.

Stormey, on the other hand, feels warmer toward Mehgan after learning about her lack of family connection, and her black sheep” label. Stormey shares two children with former Death Row CEO Suge Knight, who is currently in prison.

“They don’t understand my hustle,” Meghan says about her family. Stormey seems to know a thing or two about being misunderstood. “I try to not let that define me,” she said of her life with Knight.

Meanwhile, R&B singer and a former star on Love & Hip-Hop La’Britney stay on the fringes in the aforesaid clip. Stay tuned in to WittyScoop to see what the women are up to.

Notorious Queens Trailer

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