NICKMERCS Says Warzone’s Bullfrog Isn’t As Good As The MAC-10

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NICKMERCS has explained why he believes Warzone’s Bullfrog is overrated, despite it being the game’s best SMG on paper.

Touted as the fasted killing SMG in Call of Duty: Warzone, Bullfrog isn’t as good as the MAC-10, according to streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff. The Bullfrog can be described as the Cold War variant of Modern Warfare’s PP19 Bizon that surpasses it as far as performance is concerned.

Since Warzone content creators have been praising it, NICKMERCS decided to give it a try, however, he didn’t agree with claims it is Warzone’s “best SMG.” Bullfrog’s skyrocketing popularity can be attributed to its raw stats. If the data is anything to go by, the Bullfrog is the Warzone’s fastest killing SMG.

call of duty warzone bullfrog

However, as content creator IceManIsaac pointed out, the fast TTK relies heavily on headshots. NICKMERCS spends several hours playing Warzone every week, so he has a strong understanding of how weapons feel and perform, and he felt Bullfrog is overrated.

“Best SMG? It has a lot of bullets in that magazine which can deal with a lot of problems, but it doesn’t have that power.”

Regardless of where you are hitting them, the MAC-10 and Cold War MP5 are capable of tearing armor off players, but the Bullfrog’s TTK is comparatively lower when it comes to hitting body shots. It is an ideal weapon for those who have a laser-like aim and are capable of consistently hitting headshots, while others are much better at running the MAC-10.

In other words, raw data isn’t everything for weapons in Warzone and there is a slew of other factors that go into it. NICKMERCS recently explained that while the AS VAL is the fastest killing weapon in all of Warzone, the small magazine makes it almost useless in squad matches.

The Bullfrog is highly unlikely to enter the meta in Warzone’s current state, NICKMERCS notes that if you’re looking to switch it up and get away from that MAC-10 and have a bit of fun, it could definitely be for you.” Stay tuned to WittyScoop for the latest esports news.


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