Meghan Markle Says She Leaked Private Information To The Writers Of Finding Freedom

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meghan markle

Meghan Markle has confessed that she leaked confidential information to the authors of Finding Freedom to correct her father’s negative narrative.

According to documents lodged with the High Court, the Duchess of Sussex said that she was worried “her father’s narrative” about her. Markle allowed a friend to speak to the authors. The friend said that she had written a letter to her father Thomas Markle after he claimed he had had no contact with his daughter since the royal wedding. Meghan said that she gave her version of the story to avoid misrepresentation.

Meghan clarifies that she did not provide a copy of the letter or its contents, or a description of its contents, to the authors, whether directly or indirectly. Lawyers for the duchess said that she did not collaborate with the authors any further. The duchess said that while she never spoke to the authors, she does not know if the Kensington Palace press team provided any information on her behalf.

Sources close to Meghan said that she is confident about winning the case and she wants to avoid going to court and bringing more people and more private information into the case. The duchess is suing Associated Newspaper for breach of privacy, infringement of copyright, and breach of data protection after it published a personal letter she wrote to her father in August 2018.

Lawyers for the Mail on Sunday have challenged the matter of copyright claiming this week that the letter was written with the help of the head of communications at Kensington Palace, Jason Knauf, and is therefore not Meghan’s intellectual creation. However, Meghan said that the letter consists of her words.

A ten-day trial scheduled for January was postponed until next autumn after the duchess won the right to postpone the case because of a “confidential” reason. Watch this space for the latest news about the Royal Family.

meghan markle

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