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Meghan Markle Fans Disapprove Of Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Wedding Anniversary Photos

Meghan Markle fans are finding faults with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding anniversary pictures.

The two recently released portraits by Kensington Palace have not been received well. Kate and Prince William have been accused of trying to be like Meghan and Prince Harry and faking smiles in the two new portraits.

“Why are they trying to act like Harry and Meghan.” one fan of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tweeted. “Trying to appear affectionate in posed pictures. Pitiful!”

Another said: “They aren’t even looking at each other. Kate has her usual fake, manic smile.

“Trying to cosplay Harry and Meghan, total fail.”

“Photoshop! First thing is a reinterpretation of Harry and Meghan’s photography?” a third added.

“The tree behind that kind of envelope them.. the blue dress with prints… no originality.

“And she’s too much photoshopped… where’s the natural beauty?”

The Twitter user seems to be comparing Kate and William’s photo in which the Duke is embracing his wife with the black and white snaps Meghan and Harry released in Mar. to announce the Duchess’ pregnancy.

Other Twitter users described the pictures as unnatural and staged, Express reported.

“Nice, but I am left cold when I see their pictures. They always look so staged or extra,” one user wrote.

“When I look at Harry and Meghan I can feel their love through the screen. Well Happy anniversary to them.”

Another said: “Their eyes are empty, smile is awkward the guy looks like looking at a blank canvas.

“You don’t need to be a so-called body language expert to read these photos.”

Yet another, also criticizing the fact the Duke and Duchess were not looking at one another, said: “They can’t even look at each other.”

The two pictures of Kate and William were released to mark their 10th wedding anniversary. The portraits were taken by photographer Chris Floyd earlier this week.

The photographs garnered praises from royal fans when they were shared online. “Omg what a beautiful picture of my favourite lovebirds,” one said.

“They are the cutest couple! Look at the way the Duke is looking at his beautiful wife and their big smiles!! Happy 10th wedding anniversary, Your Royal Highnesses! I love to see your love for each other.”

“Love this! Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary!” another said.

“Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary and thanks very much for this incredible photo,” a third added.

The photographs were recently shared by the Queen and Prince Charles’s official Twitter accounts.

“Wishing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a very happy wedding anniversary,” the Royal Family Twitter account wrote.

“Today marks ten years since Their Royal Highnesses exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey.”

“Wishing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a very happy 10th wedding anniversary,” Clarence House, which represents Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wrote.

prince william kate middleton

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