Love After Lockup

‘Love After Lockup’ Star Lisa Says She Wants Marry Stan: ‘Anything Is Possible’

In Love After Lockup – July 9 – episode, Stan comes to know how difficult it will be to compete if he wants Lisa as his bride.

Lisa, a lonely widower has already two husbands whom she has not given a divorce. Stan also understands that his competition is even tough as Lisa also likes women.

She also accepted once that she divorces both her husbands she sees the chance of getting married to Stan. Finally, when Lisa came out of prison, the viewers were able to get a glimpse of her.

Lisa revealed her looks in prison were like one of her brothers wherein one fight some of her hair was ripped. Stan to spend 1300$ on three long wigs of one she tried on. She admitted she liked women too as stand drove her to his home in St. Louis to this Stan replied in a very calm way that it would be better if she likes men too.

She opened up her truth about her complicated life that she was attracted to women and if it was not for Stan she would have never get attracted to men. Stan knows that Lisa had undergone many traumas as her dad went to prison in charge of murder and her brothers often visited in and out of jail most of the time.

Lisa Reveals Her Past Trauma

Lisa revealed that she was married at the age of 17 to a man who used to traumatize her all the time and she had to leave him and then her husband committed suicide. She got married, she says she thought that she was divorced but she was not and she is still married to him.

The third guy’s experience was so bad that she was not ready to comment. Lisa knows that she has got a long struggle if she wants to marry Stan.

She knows that she has to give divorce to the two men before marrying Stan she confessed. Stan had already promised that she will take care of Lisa as she will be getting 25% of his wealth. It is equivalent to the wealth he will leave for his daughters.

So if Lisa is not Stan’s bride, she will be getting his wealth. Stan found Lisa in 2017.

While Lisa was in jail they had their romance going on. Now as both are together she has two husbands to divorce, Stan’s life will be a highly dramatic one.

Tune in to the new episode on Friday at 9 pm to witness this exciting episode. For more updates, keep watching this space.

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