Kim Kardashian Recalls Amazing Memories With Rob Kardashian On His Birthday

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Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Tuesday night and wished her brother Rob Kardashian on his birthday with a fun picture. The reality TV star who is currently making headlines for divorce with her husband Kanye West recalled the quality time she spent with her brother.

“Happy Birthday Robbie! We’ve made so many amazing memories this last year that will fill my heart for a lifetime. I’ll never forget this night a few months ago dancing the night away (yes people I danced) and our boat & whale and even shark adventures LOL,” she captioned.

“The way our daughters are besties warms my heart so much! I love you more than anything and am always here for you! I am so tempted to screenshot just some of our group family chat to give people a glimpse of the crazy funny insane person you are!!,” she concluded. “I LOVE YOU.”

Kim’s mother Kris Jenner is reportedly trying to save her daughter’s marriage to Kanye West. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star filed for divorce in February and since then netizens have been looking forward to their separation. However, a source revealed that Kris is trying her best.

“Kris has finally decided to step in and reconnect with Kanye. She felt it was time to help Kim show Kanye that family comes first,” the source said.

“The problem Kris is facing is that Kanye just doesn’t seem to be interested at the moment. He has other things on his plate. Kanye has work to do. His Yeezy line and his new music is #1 at the moment and Kim’s words seem to have had no bearing on making Kanye focus on their deteriorating relationship,” the source added.

“Kris couldn’t stand watching her daughter suffer anymore and has really felt that Kanye could use her support too. She decided standing back and giving them space at this point wasn’t helping. So she has stepped in to navigate the situation,” the source explained. “Kris and Kanye are truly butting heads. They have had a very tumultuous relationship in the past and in the last year spoke very little, but now they are not only talking but they are fighting again.”

Kris Jenner

“Kris is a very good mediator and a great listener. Their calls are not just about Kim and Kanye’s relationship but also about business and money. But Kanye has had it, he doesn’t want Kris to be interjecting when she isn’t his manager,” the insider said.

The source went on to explain:

“Kris still plays the role of the momager for her family so she decided she couldn’t sit back and watch what she felt was Kanye’s lack of effort because it was hurting Kim and affecting the family. Kris is all about family and keeping it together. She and Kanye are at least back on talking terms and she’s doing the very best to salvage the situation. Kim’s marriage has become a huge priority.”

“Kanye thinks Kris is a good mother but he feels he had a mother and doesn’t need a manager, he considers his family and friends the people he will lean on during this time. He doesn’t like to be pushed and their phone calls have become very heated.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

“Kris has spent a great deal of time trying to impress on Kanye what he will be losing by not focusing on health and family but he is standing his ground and isn’t taking any of this seriously.”

“Kris isn’t ready to give up and knows that Kim wants it to work so much and is still holding on to that little chance they could work things out,” the source concluded.

For more updates, keep watching this space.

Kim Kardashian Recalls Amazing Memories With Rob Kardashian On His Birthday

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