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Kim Kardashian Draws Flak For Editing Her Latest Pictures

Kim Kardashian is drawing flak for having odd armpits, as fans accuse the reality TV star of using Photoshop to edit her pictures.

Kim Kardashian has previously been subject to backlash due to photo editing. Now, fans are accusing the fashion mogul of editing her pictures before posting them to Instagram.

These accusations surfaced after Kardashian shared a series of pictures in which she is wearing a black sequinned Balenciaga gown and a pair of leggings. Some hawk-eyed netizens noticed that her armpits were unusually smooth.

Kim Kardashian Comes Under For Editing Her Pictures

Fans are calling out Kardashian for getting rid of her armpits in the latest pictures, according to a report from Mirror. In the series of recently shared sizzling pictures, Kardashian’s armpits drew all the attention.


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In one of her latest pictures, the KKW Beauty founder is seen sitting next to a window, but her armpits appear abnormally smooth. Shortly after she posted the pictures to her Instagram account, her followers took to the comments section with one asking, “What armpits?”

Another follower added, “Odd looking.” A third one wrote, “They always mess around with the shadows/highlights of their skin so it’s all one bland flat bizarre color. And then BLUUUURRRRRRRR EVERYWHEREEEE.”

Another commenter joked, “She’s got Mrs Elastic arms in this pic.”

Kim Kardashian’s Previous Epic Editing Fail

Earlier this year, Kim shared a picture of herself in a black bikini, while relaxing on a beach in an exotic location. However, some fans noted that it appeared that she only has four toes on that foot. It was later deemed as an editing error.

One wrote: “Only 4 toes?” and another added: “She has 4 toes??” Another commenter pointed out that “same with the random missing tree between her arm and body.”

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