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Kanye West and Daughter North Bust Out Their Dance Moves in Cute Video

Kanye West

While Kanye West and his family are enjoying a great time on Friday as West tweeted a sweet dancing video of his daughter North with him, as they were celebrating the weekend together.

The rapper was seen in a golf cart with his family singing “Friday Dance” song in 45 seconds of the clip. Kanye West also hops off from the golf cart to dance a side of a vehicle. North West quickly decided to dance along with her father by copping his moves.

Kim Kardashian West was cheering and laughing in the background, which can also be clearly heard in the video. According to ET, on Wednesday about Kim and Kanye spending some time together, with their family outside the US.

As per the sources of ET, after Wyoming. Kanye and Kim took the decision of traveling abroad together. They knew they wanted good quality time without any outside people or voice. They just wanted some time with their kids.

Kim had her emotional visit last week at a market of Wyoming ranch. This was the first time; they meet after been followed by a politically controversial rally of South Carolina. However, the tweet that took a toll on the family has been deleted.

The photos by TMZ, in Cody, Wyoming on Sunday, where Kanye is seen on a private jet with Saint, his 4-year old son. We have no clue, where his family is heading too. For more updates, keep watching this space.

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