James Corden Reportedly REPLACING Ellen DeGeneres

James Corden’s Reportedly REPLACING Ellen DeGeneres

James Corden Reportedly REPLACING Ellen DeGeneresWhile the future of The Ellen Show is up in the air, reports are now claiming that James Corden is apparently in talks of replacing Ellen as a new daytime talk show host. The scandal surrounding The Ellen Show has swept news headlines over the past month after many reports of toxic workplace culture have been detailed by current and former employees.

Following an article published by Buzzfeed where employees shared many accounts of racism, micro-aggressions, and unfair treatment, Ellen DeGeneres spoke out about the allegations for the first time last week, issuing an apology to her employees.

However, her statement was met with a wave of criticism as many fans claim that she didn’t even acknowledge the allegations against her, and only apologized about not being aware of what’s been going on within her production company.

Another wave of allegations was brought to light last week, which involved dozens of former employees sharing sexual misconduct accusations regarding three-show producers, which Ellen allegedly “turned a blind eye” to.

While Ellen and her producers navigate the future of the show, an investigation is being launched where Warner Bros’. the parent company, Warner Media, will interview current employees and will reportedly be making many “staffing changes.”

Ellen DeGeneres

As many are wondering how she’ll ever come back from such harmful claims, a report from The Sun revealed that The Late Late Show host James Corden is “in talks” of replacing Ellen on her daytime talk show. Insiders at NBC reveal that James is seen as “the long term successor,” and because of the harmful allegations, there is definitely a possibility of finding a replacement.

The insider revealed, “This issue has fast-tracked everything and made everyone look at the future today. James Corden was being eyed for Ellen’s job in the long term before any of this came to light.” James is known for the many successful segments of his show including “Carpool Karaoke”, “Drop The Mic” and “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.”

The source touched on James’ success, saying, “James and his team have been trailblazers in modern TV, taking the once considered graveyard chat show slot into a cutting edge format with huge online, social media, and global recognition.”

Although the source did say that replacing Ellen would be a “tough challenge,” they went on to say that James is a “natural fit and easy transition,” adding, “James would freshen up daytime and with a free hand would be allowed to build a new afternoon era.”

With the rumors of James replacing Ellen going around, fans have shared many mixed reactions to the news. One user pointed out that James has also allegedly been known to be horrible to his employees, writing, “I feel like it’s well known that James Corden is also an asshole but it somehow still isn’t? Why are we taking one mean person and swapping them with another?”

Another user tweeted, “James Corden replacing Ellen is the Equivalent to someone replacing coke for Diet Coke with their meal. You’re getting the same thing.” Others are sharing input as to who would replace James on HIS late-night talk show, like this fan who wrote, “since James Corden is replacing Ellen… can Harry Styles replace James as the new late show host?”

I do want to point out that the rumors about Ellen being replaced by another talk show host are nothing more than THAT at this time AKA RUMORS. The Post reported on Saturday that Ellen is still planning on going back to work this month, according to an internal email from the show’s executive producers.

On August 24th, Ellen will report to work for “Ellen’s Game of Games” and to the set of the Ellen Show for its premiere on September 9th. Sources also revealed that Ellen has no plans of stepping down from her daytime talk show gig any time soon, adding, “She’s fighting to protect the show and what she stands for. She is very upset about what happened and determined to fix the problems. She takes full responsibility.”

They went on to say, “But no way is she quitting the show. That’s total BS.” We can only hope that these allegations being brought to light will result in a major shake-up and change for Ellen and the executive producers who were exposed over the past few months – and anyone else responsible for the work culture. And as always, we will continue to update you guys on any new happenings that come to light. Stay tuned!

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