Jacqueline Fernandez Interview: “I don’t belong to any Camp”

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In a brief rendezvous Jacqueline Fernandez speaks her heart out!

Salman Khan Is Very Inspiring Says Jacqueline FernandezDo you feel secure because you now belong to the Salman Khan Camp?

“I don’t think Salman Khan believes in camps. Its destiny, I don’t think I belong to any camp. Why Salman Khan…. I am biased and you need to work with everyone and grow. Even Salman Khan told me that you have to keep growing and for that you have to work with many people. To grow, you need to believe in yourself and meet many people. Salman Khan for sure has been very lucky for me. I have to say…things have changes a lot of course in a positive way. Yes, with the success of Kick I am getting work. Salman Khan told me to always be positive as these things have kept Salman Khan very grounded. You learn a lot from him, he also told me not to take people for granted. He has these great values.”

Jacqueline Fernandez is looking forward to her forthcoming film Roy where she plays a double role. Has the success of Kick has changed a lot of things for her?

“I have not taken a single holiday after kick. “Pehle main kaam ki talash mein thi aur auditions karti thi. Ab mere pass phursat nahi hai” [earlier I would be looking out for work I would go for auditions but now I have no free time at all.]She adds. Now, I am working every day. “Ab mera sapna reality mein badal gaya hai” says Jacqueline. “Ab main mera dubbing khud karti bhi hoon” I have no time for holidays too after “Kick.

Jacqueline Fernandez Interview: "I don't belong to any Camp" - Jacqueline Fernandez To Focus On Roles Rather Than GlamourWhat was your reaction on signing this film, Roy?

Mein Bhi dar gayi thi!”When I read the script, there was lot many dialogues…until this day I have not had so many lines, the dialogues were also very tough. I realized that now I will have to work very hard on my speech. This film has been done in sync sound bahut khatrnak hai….for this reason I got nervous. I do not get scared on par with performances’ and doing many scenes. Hindi se darti hoon. [I get nervous while delivering dialogues in Hindi]

What exactly is your role in “Roy?

I play double role in the film Roy is very different. “One is Ayesha who is modern, everyday girl, fearless and believes in romance. She has a romantic track with Arjun Rampal Another is Tia and she is a rich lady very lonely and lives on her own.she is extremely dignified, sophisticated She does not talk much. She is in love with Ranbir Kapoor. It’s a beautiful track and is romantic as well as realistic. These are two very very different characters. It was challenging and interesting for me to bring it up as the character on celluloid.

So did you learn dialogues for film “Roy?

” I would learn dialogues’ like I learnt lessons in School. I would desperately mug up my dialogues. Also I would have lines in my mind. But Arjun always wanted me to change something here and there. I did it as I thought it’s a big challenge.

Tell us something about you being an “Animal Lover?

Mere ghar mein ek mini zoo hein. (There like a “Mini Zoo” at my place.) I remember we were four kids we loved animals a lot. When we went to the university my parents brought more dogs at home. Presently, there are three males and four female dogs [Bitches] at my place, along with two cats, fish, rabbits, parrots and turtles.”

You are also actively participating for Peta?

Yes, there are horses which have been kept illegally here in Mumbai I am actively participating for ‘Peta’ Also we are bothered about these “Horses” well being, as well the people who make money by running carts. It’s their livelihood, hope we are able to make thing happen legally.”

Can you tell us something about your next film,” Brother, what’s your role all about?

Oh ! This is a film where I play the young mother of a kid. Also this is a character which turned me very emotional for my parents. My parents have really brought us up with great care. All the sacrifices my parents did for all of us are remarkable. I have seen my mom trying to give her best to all her kids. I remember she has also brought the lovely dogs for us while we were away studying in college. I have seen her struggle while bringing us up. I acknowledge her pains taking efforts and I am bring that experience in successfully playing as a mother in my next film,” Brother.’ I am sure that the audiences who has been kind to me always will surely like to watch this film of mine.

How many friends do you have in Bollywood?

I have few great friends. Sujoy Ghosh is a great friend of mine. Also Reitesh Deshmukh and Sajid Nadiadwala happens to me amongst my good friends I did my first film with Sujoy, how can I forget that he was the first director who trusted me and offered me a role in his film. Also now having worked in Roy everyone has become my friend.

Jacqueline Fernandez Interview: "I don't belong to any Camp" - Jacqueline Fernandez To Focus On Roles Rather Than Glamour

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