iPhone Touch ID Security Can Be Unlock By Hackers

iPhone Touch ID Security Can Be Unlock By Hackers

iPhone Touch ID Security Can Be Unlock By HackersThere are many people who believe that the best way to secure iPhone is by fingerprint scanning technology. Everyone know about this unique feature of locking system in iPhone that without owner’s touch nobody can unlock it. But what if we tell you that your iPhones are not safe any more with fingerprints lock.

Hackers have figured out how to use commercially available software and photos to break fingerprint sensor of iPhone, which is also known as Touch ID.

In Hamburg last week in a cyber security convention, a group of German hackers known as Chaos Computer Club has claimed that fingerprints can be recreated from other side of the world. Their claim is that there are ways to copy your fingerprint by using a picture.

Previously, we have perused numerous falsifiers have utilized tape, a scanner, paste and some plastic material to manufacture a sticky unique mark that can trick scanners. In any case the Chaos Computer Club says this is the first run through when fingerprints have been caricature from far off. The bunch’s pioneer “Starbug” said to CNN, he found himself able to reproduce the thumbprint of the German Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen, from a few news photographs. He said he had HD photographs of German Minister of Defense Leyen’s fingers while she was at a presentation in October — standing nine feet far from the authority. The group pioneer said he found himself unable to check von der Leyen’s unique finger impression was precise, however he was still certain it was a workable duplicate.

Whatever the hackers said yet specialists accept that there is no compelling reason to stress. The fingerprints are still more secure than normal passwords.

iPhone Touch ID Security Can Be Unlock By Hackers

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