India's Daughter Documentary

India’s Daughter Documentary: Prakash Raj Sheds Tears

India's Daughter Documentary: Prakash Raj Sheds TearsBBC’s ‘India’s Daughter’ has literally torn India into two. Produced, basing on the incident of December 16, 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape in a moving bus, the documentary was banned by Indian government for screening on any channel in India. Also YouTube relay was put on hold and India served notices to BBC for not obliging their request of putting the documentary on hold.
At his juncture, many private persons on YouTube are downloading and uploading the documentary in various channels and started spreading it faster than wildfire and swifter than tsunami. Those who agree to watch the documentary in order to understand the plight of women in India even in a highly developed capital city like Delhi, are now busy watching it. Celebrities are forming the first row to get glimpse of the documentary. They are slamming governments for hiding it, as people will never know what truth is without watching it.
Noted celebrities like Prakash Raj are openly venting fumes on Government by vocalizing their support. ‘Watched India’s Daughter in tears. We Men of my country should hang our heads in shame… Shame on those who are banning this documentary(sic)’, said Prakash Raj, via micro blogging site. No ban could stop people watching it over internet and sharing their upright opinion.
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