I Know, I Always Knew | English Poetry

I look at you straight in the eye
for I know it won’t lie.
I knew our relation won’t last
but I knew you are the first & you will be the last.
To love is to soar high in the sky
Non believers won’t give a try.
I loved you to the extent a man could
You said you wont leave but I knew you would.
Drew myself away but ended up near you
My life had a goal before I met you.
You know I love you and forever i will
Remember the vow you took wen i was ill
Leaving me would be a sin you said
How could you leave me for dead.
You haunt me in my dream
Leave me alone you always scream
There is nothing in the world without you
I wasn’t lying when I told you.
Loving is not all about me and myself
It’s about caring more than yourself.

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