Husband Rapes Employee And Wife Makes Its VIDEO

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Husband Rapes Employee And Wife Makes Its VIDEOPeople are getting inhuman nowadays and one example of this inhumanity was witnessed in Indore. A 19 years old girl named Rekha (name changed) was looking for a job so that she can support her family. She found a job in Scissor Art beauty parlour, where now she has been working for seven months, and these seven months have been horrific for her.

The owner of this beauty parlour is Bunty Verma who has two parlours, men parlour is looked by him while his wife Rinku Verma manages the other one.

One day, Bunty mixed some drug in Rekha’s cold drink and when she felt unconscious, he raped her. He warned her of severe consequences if she tells anyone and since then he started raping her regularly. Rekha decided to tell everything to Bunty’s wife but that was her biggest mistake.

Rekha was thinking that Rinku will help her and save her from Bunty but what happens next was disgusting. Rinku video recorded Bunty raping Rekha and warned Rekha that either she keeps working in the Men parlour or her recording will be uploaded in social media sites.

This Friday, Rekha consumed poison to kill herself but her family saved her and asked her to reveal everything. After she told everything, a police complaint was made and till now six people have been arrested in this case.

Husband Rapes Employee And Wife Makes Its VIDEO

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