Five miraculous and inspiring persons from India

Five miraculous and inspiring persons from India

Five miraculous and inspiring persons from IndiaNot every man is born for greatness! Greatness is earned over the course of time and invites tons of hardships. Though the final result appears to be like a fairy tale the events that lead up to it are excruciating and can demand more than what you have to offer. We have witnessed the impeccable determination and courage of legends such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln. They had a lot to offer in their lives to people and their inspirational journeys have been regarded as sources of inspiration for many decades. In this article, we shall show you some people who went on to traverse the conventional practices and did things which were out of the scope of any common individual.

Sudhakaran: This 45 year old man redefined the meaning of humanity by abstaining from collecting a lottery of ten million rupees. The incident happened with Sudhakaran when a regular customer called Ashokan called the former and asked for ten lottery tickets. Fortunately, one of the tickets landed up the winning prize of ten million and Sudhakaran could have legally acquired the prize without informing Ashokan since he hadn’t paid for the tickets and was unaware of the ticket numbers. However, Sudhakaran followed his father’ advice and gave the money to Ashokan. Recently, he again made news for returning a gold chain he had found while traveling in a train.
Shubhendu Sharma: An engineer by profession, Shubhendu chose to leave his job at Toyota and start his own venture ‘Afforestt’. While he was employed at Toyota, he took to aiding Akira Miyawaki, a naturalist to revive forests. The models of Akira had been successfully implemented in forests of Thailand, Amazon and in many other continents. Sharma did not pick up this activity as a notion of charity. On the contrary, he assumed this opportunity as a business idea and capitalized on it to form an organization aiming a sustainable environment. Shubhendu has represented that you need to earn revenues in order to carry on with an initiative or a process of change.
Jadav Payeng: Distressed by the death of reptiles in colossal quantities, Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng started his journey by planting bamboo in that location. What we see today is a vast expanse of jungle spanning around 1360 acres which is named after him as the Molai forest. At the age of 16, Jadav was considerably concerned with the declining forests and wetlands. Without any prominent support from government officials and agencies, he went on with his initiative and has delivered a majestic example of determination and willpower to achieve. Despite being a man of limited resources, living in a small hut with his family of three children and his wife he has earned what most of us cannot imagine. On one hand we are sacrificing forests for our needs and annihilating the environment in pieces and on the other side; men like Jadav Payeng have nurtured forests with their care and paved the path for flora and fauna to survive the ravages.   

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