Feel Proud Bargaining With Vendors? This Is What Happened At Connaught Place

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Feel Proud Bargaining With Vendors

We all feel proud of buying stuff at a lesser price in the local markets. Recently, I was scrolling down the timeline of Twitter and came across a story which is quite relatable and worth sharing. Being a blogger, I think this incident deserves more than just a retweet. The incident happened with a Tweleb, you can view the profile here.

“Was buying junk jewellery from a stall in connaught place. As the shopkeeper was busy talking to two girls aggressively bargaining with him, I noticed he was very young. As I handed him my purchase I asked him what does he do apart from this. He said he studies in class 11th.

I handed him the money for my purchase and left knowing that I had paid 100 extra. I moved away quickly but he called me from behind saying I have paid more. I told him to keep it and moved away but he came running after me. He insisted I buy something else too for that 100/-

I told him he should use the money for his studies and buy a book for himself. He firmly refused to accept it and insisted that I buy another pair of rings. It was an effort to make him keep that money. Eventually, he did and gave a warm smile. I saw him smile for the first time.

At that moment I realized that self-respect is not just for the affluent. I have a small request. Please don’t bargain with roadside vendors, pay them a little extra. Maybe that little extra will let them finish their day a little early, give them an extra free hour, a warm smile.

Do you really need that 40 bucks you are trying to save from bargaining? What will that extra cash give you.. except for a false satisfied ego and something to boast about among friends. Who will benefit more from that little money… you or the roadside vendor? Think about it!!!”

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Feel Proud Bargaining With Vendors

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