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Fans Talk – Why Puri Jagannadh Is An Outstanding Director?

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Continued: As per our previous article we know why Puri Jagannadh is an outstanding director, let’s have a look what his fans have to say about him. We asked his fans two questions:

Q1. What makes Puri Jaganandh an outstanding director?
Q2. What made you his fan?

Checkout these top 10 answers!

[quote by=”Niranjan Neninthe”]

1. Frankness and Striking Philosophy.

2. I watch myself in his words and free attitude no blemishes and no intension to hurt anyone. He is a trend setter and a trend breaker. I feel myself in puri sir. I am happy with his fast output. Almost half of my sd card i have collection of puri sir pics videos interviews and quotes.[/quote]

[quote by=”Nayyar Kobali”]

1. His screenplay and his ideology, makes me mad.

2. His one dialogue “evadi cenima adige adi cenima ade hero” this dialogue change my life to live like puri sir way. That dialogue is from businessman movie.[/quote]

[quote by=”Madhu Malyala”]

1. The way he thinks, the way he pen it and the way he captures it.

2. My ideology and his ideology are same. So I like him. I like his thoughts n life style. This made me a devotee of him.[/quote]

[quote by=”Sai Bhushan”]

1. He has a great vision about his life. His words can inspire millions like me and his style of making movies, it’s very fast. And he is very focused about his work. I admire him, he is just my god.

2. Since childhood I am watching his movies. Two years back I saw his interview OPEN HEART WITH RK, in that interview; he told about his background, financial struggles, how he thinks about life and be positive. When I watched this interview, I changed a lot. I can talk about puri sir continuously without any food and water. After my mother and father, its PURI JAGANNADH SIR.[/quote]

[quote by=”Siddhanth Puriyan”]

1. Definitely his Dashing n daring attitude.

2. I was an ultimate student till class 11. Fall in love then got cheated and went into depression. Then read biography of Puri Jagannadh, how he tried entered Hyderabad, threw his certificated in Musi river and how passionate he is about his work. This led me to my goals. It was like a new life.[/quote]

[quote by=”Kishore Kumar Kuramana”]

1. Puri Jagannadh make movies from audience’s point of view. Puri heroism style modulation of dialogues and framing his vision, how he love movies, his passion and prefect planning that’s the reason Puri is an outstanding director.

2. I saw Badri, loved the heroism and dialogues. Heroism and dialogues are created by a director when I realized this, I became a huge fan of Puri. I have seen Andravala, 1st day midnight show and all his movies I watch only in theaters.[/quote]

[quote by=”Kishore Rebel”]

1. Screenplay and dialogues.

2. His daring and dashing attitude made me his fan[/quote]

[quote by=”Krishna Puri Jagannadh”]

1. Now a Day, whatever happens in our society is clearly expressed his movies with honesty. Simply He Attracts the YOUTH.

2. All his movies gives some moral to public and particularly youth how to become a good citizen like ‘camera man ganga tho rambabu pokiri and neninthe particularly this movie is inspired me a lot in this movie he shows clearly about actor’s life how they face problems and tensions to show glamour in films. That made me decides my career everything. Simply to say I am a big hard core die fan of him.[/quote]

and the 10th one is the writer of this article itself. 😉 if you feel the same, tell us in the comments below “Why you feel Puri Jagannadh is an outstanding director?”

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