Deepika Padukone trench Salman Khan once more, quits Kabir Khan's next!

Deepika Padukone trench Salman Khan once more, quits Kabir Khan’s next!

Deepika Padukone trench Salman Khan: Fans have excitedly sat tight for this pair to be unfastened on screen. Numerous directors have already attempted to bring Deepika Padukone and Salman Khan together however it generally happens that the arrangement falls through because of some reason or the other.

Same happened once more. Kabir Kahn’s next was allegedly getting Salman and Deepika together interestingly yet now we hear that the performing artist has quit once more. Likely titled Tubelight, the character of the film’s focal driving woman is of Oriental starting point. Deepika Padukone was not very content with her part and professedly requested that Kabir adjust the script and give her character some meat.

Kabir declined to move and now, as indicated by a report, the on-screen character has declined to star in the film. Surmise, fans will need to sit tight for at some point more to see their most loved jodi on screen!

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