Cosmetics Tips For Tenderfoots And The Mythology

Cosmetics Tips For Tenderfoots And The Mythology

Cosmetics Tips: Applying foundation is the base of your cosmetics. On the off chance that the base of your cosmetics looks cakey or smudged, your whole cosmetics will look awful. I say INVEST in a decent foundation. Matte foundation work best for sleek skin and individuals with typical/dry skin can search for dewy foundations.

The idea “this will look best on Indian skin tone” is poop. Beginning from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you would have the capacity to discover no less than 5-6 distinctive skin tones of Indian ladies. It is extremely unlikely you could put every one of them in one “skin tone” class. Some shading that would look best on my skin may look pale on my closest companion’s skin. Aren’t we both Indian ladies? Test and attempt what looks best on YOU, particularly the foundations. I say, set out to attempt.


Kajal or bronzers can make wheatish composition/dim complexioned ladies look darker. It is a goddamn myth. Has anybody known about Bipasha Basu? Has anybody given a second look to her cosmetics done in Jism? Her eyes were finished with blackest of dark kohl pencils, charcoal eyeliners and seething dim eye shadows. Her cheeks had a light cleaning of sparkling bronzer and lips were kept pale/naked. Raise hands who thought Bipasha didn’t look HOT in Jism!

Indian ladies are fixated on brightening when they ought to be more agonized over hostile to maturing. Be glad for whatever skin shading you have and improve your skin with tones that suit you the best. It’s simply the matter of testing and attempting.

Utilizing beauty care products all over don’t get you early wrinkles. It’s the absence of skincare that gets you wrinkles. In the event that you lay down with cosmetics on or don’t take enough care of your skin, no magnificence pixie would have the capacity to spare your skin from harm. The slightest you could do is that you uproot your cosmetics consistently before going to bed, notwithstanding when you are dead tipsy. Simply evacuate it and let your skin relax.

Apply redden specifically on your cheekbones without grinning. Toss that “grin and apply to redden on your cheekbones” idea in junk container. The rationale is that when you grin your cheeks go up and when you quit grinning the cheeks tumble down. So basically, your blusher is not connected on the apples of your cheeks, it is connected some place underneath the apples. It looks dreary!

For more Cosmetics Tips keep watching this space.

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