Conan O’Brien, Nikki Glaser Discuss Dumb Faces People Make While Wrapping Up Zoom Meetings

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The first half of the clip with Conan O’Brien and Nikki Glaser features Glaser, who would fancy performing stand-up in front of a live audience at the moment.

O’Brien and Glaser talk about Zoom comedy show been second-rate. Among a slew of other weak points, they discuss the delayed laughter, lack of excitement associated with performing live, and if this is how things are likely to be, the Not Safe with Nikki Glaser host tells O’Brien, she’d consider changing her profession and become a therapist “because they seem to be really necessary right now.”

Nikki Glaser Conan O'Briend

There are no prizes for guessing that Glaser is having a tough time as a stand-up amid the coronavirus lockdown, but that doesn’t stop her from cashing in on all the frustration and using it to create some solid new material. She showcased this in the second half of the clip.

For the sake of an instance, she noticed people tend to do one little thing before wrapping up every Zoom meeting. Everyone attending the meeting awkwardly leans toward their computers to click the end button, exposing their true self to everyone else on the screen.

Glaser has achieved mastery over enacting this moment, and O’Brien shows off his variant of the Zoom sign-off face, too. While been a comedian who can’t perform in front of a live audience isn’t a pleasant thing, this clip has opened up a wide range of new jokes that are highly likely to humiliate us every time our Zoom meeting comes to an end.

Nikki Glaser Conan O'Briend

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