Chris Pratt Says Pregnant Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger is 'Ready to Pop'

Chris Pratt Says Pregnant Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger is ‘Ready to Pop’

Chris Pratt Says Pregnant Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger is 'Ready to Pop'“We just feel very blessed and very very happy,” Chris Pratt said. Yes, they do because Katherine Schwarzenegger is ready to pop and hubby Chris Pratt is kind of grateful. On Saturday Pratt posted a photo of the couple getting in some exercise before the baby arrives.

“Ready to pop still don’t stop the top of the mountain today kind of grateful it didn’t go down on the trail though to be real,” the actor wrote.

“I’m very happy in all areas of my life and I feel really blessed and really lucky,” Schwarzenegger said in an interview. The mom-to-be is due any day now. In addition to staying active outdoors, Schwarzenegger has been keeping busy around the house before she gives birth she’s not an average woman.

In July the 30-year-old author told ET that she’s been doing a lot of organizing right up my alley cleaning up her refrigerator and pantry has kept her calm during this crazy time. Schwarzenegger has also been surrounding herself with loved ones and staying connected on social media.

“We’re in the honeymoon phase, it feels really good and we just feel really happy,” Pratt revealed. As far as Schwarzenegger and Pratt they love to have fun in the kitchen together. She bakes while the actor handles the cooking.

Schwarzenegger admits she isn’t the most experienced when it comes to cooking but Pratt has been teaching her a lot. “I still have a lot to learn,” the mother-to-be said. “It’s been really fun it’s like a silver lining to be able to get more experience in the kitchen and also to be able to spend time with your loved ones in this quarantine. So, it’s been a fun part of it I’m very involved. He’s very involved so it’s a great combination of everything and just really exciting and fun time.”

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