Bollywood Counseling: Make your career insightful!

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Bollywood Counseling: Have a look at the modules that could be made a part of your counseling sessions.

Aptitude Test

Mental Aptitude of the aspirant and his/her psyche for joining the entertainment Industry. His/her dream, goal , reason and purpose for choosing this career. His/her family, city of dwelling background check and friends circle.

Personality Development

Over all mental and physical personality Development.


Mentoring on the Entertainment Industry, which field the aspirant wants to choose, reasons for the same, which field could be more suitable, which segment modelling, On-stage, Television (Hindi & Regional), Film industry etc.

Entry & Stay in Mumbai

How, Why, Where & When should he/she be present in Mumbai and how can survive this transition period of the career.

Financial Counseling

What financial planning is required to get into the Mumbai, and the entertainment industry, survival costs and financial planning required for onward journey into the entertainment industry.

Mental toughness mentoring

What are and How to handle the demands the entertainment industry makes and expects from new comers, How to handle failures, series of failures, success, series of success, matters relating to emotions, love, heart breaks, infatuations, live-in relations, marriage, divorce, relationship with family members, physical traits, attraction towards same sex and/or opposite sex people. Addiction issues and so an any and all matters related to a human being.

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Bollywood Counseling

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