'Bachelor' Star Kelley Flanagan Reflects On Her Relationship With Peter Weber

‘Bachelor’ Star Kelley Flanagan Reflects On Her Relationship With Peter Weber

Bachelor: Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan don’t seem to be coming back together. During a guest appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast on Tuesday, Kelley said they called it quits for a good reason.

“On my end, there were just a lot of non-negotiables in the relationship,” Bachelor star Kelley, 29, shared. “They essentially were seeming to be worked on or saying that they were going to be worked on or changed, and actions kind of speak louder than words.”

“If there is something that I saw as disrespectful in a relationship, I would speak on it and I was pretty vocal,” she continued. “I think communication is huge in a relationship and there were things that essentially I would be like, ‘Hey look, this makes me feel like s**t, this makes me feel this way.’ I would always try to talk about my feelings … like, ‘my needs aren’t really being met.'”

Kelley added that she noticed things “weren’t really changing.” “There’s a point in time where you just have to accept that,” she said. “It sucks.”


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“He essentially tried to get back together and was trying to work on things and I was pretty, pretty hesitant towards all of it,” Kelley explained to Kaitlyn. “He’s telling me like, ‘I love you, I want to get back together with you.'”

“I don’t think I will be in communication with him,” she continued. “It’s a place in my past, I’m focusing on my future wishes. I don’t think it was the healthiest thing for me to keep [my] past and [my] future and I wish him well.”

Previously, a source revealed:

“The move was the final straw in some ongoing issues in their relationship; the biggest of which was that they were not on the same page about how they approached relationships,” the source said, adding, “There was a growth that needed to happen from Peter that wasn’t happening.”

The source also noted that Peter’s mother, Barb, was a “major issue” in their relationship. “Barb was very involved and expected to be a major priority within Peter and Kelley’s relationship,” the source said.

Peter confirmed in an exclusive statement to ET at the time that he and Kelley had broken up. “I flew to Chicago and was finished with the relationship, then my mom really encouraged us to be in the relationship if we wanted to be and to not give up,” the statement read. “Kelley and I operate on two different frequencies, and one isn’t better or worse than the other; we’re just two different people, and those differences surfaced after eight months of dating. But I loved her like crazy, and my mom really cared about her.”

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'Bachelor' Star Kelley Flanagan Reflects On Her Relationship With Peter Weber

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