’90 Day Fiance’: Yara Zaya, Jovi Dufren Reflect On Divorce Thoughts

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While rumors about Yara Zaya being pregnant are making the rounds online, Jovi Dufren has revealed that they’ve considered calling it quits.

Jovi Dufren of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? has admitted that he has discussed divorce with his wife Yara Zaya. The couple appeared on Season 8, and their Instagram posts suggested that they were very much in love.

However, Jovi refused to stop going to strip clubs, leaving Yara with no choice but to consider leaving America and going back to Ukraine with their baby. This proves that Yara was never after a green card.

Yara Zaya Wanted To Go Back To Ukraine

Yara realized that Jovi wasn’t willing to accept he was a father and a husband. Moreover, Yara felt that it wasn’t good for Mylah to see her “mama being unhappy.” As a result, she thought it was best if she returned to Ukraine with the baby, per ScreenRant.

After the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? finale, the couple appeared in the latest Pillow Talk. While Yara and Jovi keep sharing adorable posts with baby Mylah on their Instagram accounts, fans are still worried about their possible divorce.

Yara recently shared a video on her YouTube channel, in which the couple answered some burning questions from their followers. The first question Jovi picked was, “have you ever considered divorce?”

Jovi & Yara Reveal They’ve Had Problems In Their Relationship

Jovi admitted it was a pretty deep question before revealing that it is very much “a real thing” and that they’ve “talked about it.” “We’ve had our problems of course just like everybody has had in a relationship,” Jovi said.

However, Yara thought it was a very serious question. Jovi, on the other hand, joked, “you all know Yara is pretty crazy, but we’ve really had real-life issues.”

Jovi said he had a hard time dealing with becoming parents unexpectedly and his wife being away from home. “We’ve had our issues, we’ve had our fights,” he added. 

He went on to say that he and Yara discussed whether they want to be “together or not together.” However, the couple ultimately realized that they want to be “together or not together.” However, ultimately, Jovi and Yara determined they want to have a family and continue their relationship.

“We talked about divorce and we decided it’s best for us to stay together,” Jovi concluded. The couple is currently in the United States. but it is still unclear when he will be traveling back to work.

Currently, Yara and Jovi are busy parenting their daughter, who recently turned a year old. Yara recently sparked pregnancy rumors when she shared a photo of herself with a bigger belly.


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