90 day fiance the other way armando and kenneth

’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’: Kenneth Raises Questions About Armando’s parenting Skills

90 day fiance the other way armando and kenneth

90 Day Fiance: Armando Rubio Kenneth and Niedermeier had been planning to start their family once Armando’s daughter Hannah reunited with them.

Armando said that as had raised Hannah alone it was essential for her to feel relaxed and comfortable. He also felt happy after Hannah started looking at Kenneth as her father figure.

But due to their conflicting perspectives, things didn’t function as planned. Armando is an advocate of pampering the child, Kenneth, who has raised four children, is not.

In the latest episode, the trio went out shopping and Hannah was excited to buy certain things. Due to Armando’s mollycoddling nature, Hannah got whatever she requested and Armando too was happy to provide her. On the other hand, Kenneth did not appreciate Armando’s behavior.

Later, the situation became uncontrollable for Kenneth when Hannah negotiated with Armando and asked him to either buy her an ice cream or a purse. Armando assured her she would get ice cream if she behaved properly.

Thus, Kenneth decided to call him out and labeled him as a “pushover” for mollycoddling her daughter. He vehemently despised Armando’s parenting skills. However, Armando explained his decision for buying an ice-cream by saying that it was a hot day and she deserved it.

Armando was deeply hurt and vexed on seeing Kenneth’s reaction to his parenting skills. Armando admitted it felt like Kenneth was questioning how Hannah was raised. On the other hand, Kenneth said that after observing the unmanageable situation he tried calling him out because he felt it was wrong.

Kenneth added that he wants the best for Hannah and that would only be possible if they both agree to each other’s parenting skills. The two eventually understood it was important for them to give each other the space to let Hannah grow into a wonderful human being.

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