90 day fiance sumit and jenny

’90 Day Fiance’: Sumit And Jenny Planned On Not Marrying All Along?

90 day fiance sumit and jenny

Sumit Singh appears to be leaving no stone unturned in a bid to marry his American girlfriend, Jenny Slatten but got cold feet when he realized that he was $10,000 in debt to his parents, Anil and Sahana, who aren’t willing to accept his 62-year-old girlfriend as their daughter-in-law.

Moreover, Sumit probably realized that marrying Jenny not only would pit him against them, but he could never ask his parents for money ever again. This, and Sumit’s mother warning him that he would have to marry Jenny over his dead body, led to Sumit deciding not to marry Jenny.

If he had not borrowed money from his parents, DailySoapDish suggests Sumit and Jenny might have ended up tying the knot. Moreover, the site suggests he is likely to go back home to his parents after Jenny leaves India.

“I understand we can’t get married because of what your Mother said,” Jenny said. Although Sumit is assuring Jenny that he will not let anything stop them from marrying, and will figure out how she can legally stay in India, nothing is set in stone yet.

If Anil had not lent him the money to pay off his ex-wife’s family, Sumit would have left Jenny without any concrete answer. It is worth noting that Jenny isn’t the victim either, considering that she outstayed her welcome at Sumit’s parents’ house, befriended Sumit’s ex-wife, while she was in a relationship with her husband.

Although Jenny has expressed shock at Sahana’s rude attitude towards her, she is fully aware of why she and Sumit’s dad aren’t willing to accept her as their daughter-in-law. Aside from her being older than Sahana, she and Sumit lied to them about her being Sumit’s friend who is simply visiting India for some work.

Sahana’s warning to Sumit about committing suicide if he marries Jenny may have finally led to him deciding not to marry her. There are other reports suggesting that the pair is already engaged, despite the opposition from Sumit’s parents.


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Some 90 Day Fiance fans speculate they aren’t together anymore, but details about their relationship are still scarce and fans only rely on their Instagram account for their relationship updates. Watch this space for the latest 90 Day Fiance news.

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