’90 Day Fiance’: Shaeeda Takes A Dig At People Accusing Her Of Being A Gold Digger

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90 Day Fiance star Shaeeda is making light of her prenup drama with Bilal in a new TikTok video that ridicules gold digger allegations.

Shaeeda Sween recently shared a comedic TikTok with 90 Day Fiance viewers. In the video, she jokingly admits that she is using Bilal Hazziez for his money. 

To recap, Shaeeda and Bilal made their TLC debut along with other couples on the 90 Day Fiance season 9. The duo met online through mutual friends.

They became engaged within a week after Bilal flew to Trinidad and Tobago to meet her, as per a ScreenRant report. Shaeeda moved to Kansas City, Missouri to live with her fiance after her K-1 visa got approved. 

Shaeeda, 37, had made it clear to Bilal that she wanted to have children. However, Bilal did not give her a concrete answer about his willingness to have more kids.

Bilal already has two teenagers. Further, the duo got into an argument over a prenup agreement when he asked Shaeeda to sign one, despite her clearly telling him that she wasn’t willing to do so.

90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Pokes Joke At Being A Gold Digger

Now, Shaeeda has posted a TikTok video that pokes fun at people claiming she’s a gold digger. She uses a funny dance trend, following the steps of a small bot awkwardly dancing.

Also, Shaeeda wore a hot pink crewneck with the words “Golddigger Yogi” written on it. She paired it with a matching pink hijab and sparkly heels.

“When he is not your type, but you got a studio bill to pay,” she captioned the video. Also, she noted in the comments that the video was only intended for comedic purposes.

Shaeeda has never shown signs of using Bilal for his money. In fact, she had no idea the extent of his wealth before arriving in the United States.

Let us know what you think about Shaeeda’s attempt to poke a joke at her gold digger reputation in the comments below. Also, watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!

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