’90 Day Fiance’: Rose Introduces Her New Fur Baby Diamond [Watch]

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One of 90 Day Fiance viewers’ favorite former cast members, Rosemarie Vega has introduced her fans to the youngest member of her family.

Rose posted a video to her YouTube channel recently, in which the former 90 Day Fiance star introduces her three pets. First off, she showed the “youngest baby,” Diamond to her subscribers. She hugged diamond while giving a wide smile to the camera.

Rose Introduces Her Youngest Pet

The 25-year-old reality TV personality went on to adopt another dog, “Heart-Heart.” She then goes on to show her third canine companion, Bright. Rose revealed that she usually gets confused between her dogs because they are all the same white and brown coats and are of the same breeds, per CloutNews.

Although she did not reveal the breed of her pets, they seem to be either Havanese or Coton De Tulear. Rose’s fur baby, Diamond is 6-month-old, while Bright and Heart-Heart are one year old. 

The pets looked very cute in their matching orange vests and diapers. Many 90 Day Fiance fans were excited to meet Rose’s new family members with one fan writing, “Rose, I love that you are enjoying your life with Prince, your dogs, your family and love ones.”

Another wrote, “Omg Rose I love your puppy ? so adorable.” Another follower suggested that the dogs should not be wearing diapers. They felt the diapers could be uncomfortable.

Regrettably, Rose is unable to take her dogs out because lockdown restrictions have still not been lifted in her area. Two of her larger dogs are very playful. However, the tiniest one is shy and trying to adjust to the new surrounding.

Many of Rose’s fans and followers urged her to post more dog-related content on her Instagram account, where she usually shares her new looks. Who is your favorite of the three pets? Let us know in the comments section below.

90 Day Fiance Rose Buss It Dance

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