’90 Day Fiance’: Mohamed Accuses Yve Of Not Actually Wishing To Get Married

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90 Day Fiance star Yve has allegedly postponed her wedding to Mohamed, following his demand that his children will be raised Muslim.

Mohamed Abdelhamed created tensions between him and Yve Arellano by telling her that his children will be raised Muslim. However, the 90 Day Fiance couple is still planning their wedding.   

Regrettably, things aren’t falling in place as Mohamed and Yve wished for. Yve discusses a problem related to a venue with Mohammed in the latest episode. While driving around with him in the car, Yve informs Mohammed that their wedding dates will have to be pushed further.

Yve Explains Why She Wants To Postpone Wedding 

Mohamed’s reaction to the idea of postponing their wedding wasn’t surprising, given his obsession with the green card. Mohamed has been accused of treating Yve more as his caretaker than a partner. 

Now, a report by The Hollywood Gossip claims that he wants his children to be raised Muslim. However, his fiancee isn’t happy with his demand. Yve recently speculated that the wedding might have to be pushed back for at least a month. 

She attributes the delay to not finding the venue she wanted. As expected, Mohamed reacts by saying, “Are you kidding me?”

Yve goes on to explain that the venue they selected has been overbooked. However, Mohamed refuses to understand the issue, while Yve insists she cares about the venue.

Yve explains that she doesn’t want to get married again. So, Mohamed suggests a backyard wedding. However, Yve rejects the idea since it would get her white wedding dress dirty.

Mohamed admits that he doesn’t feel good about the situation. Further, he insists that he wants to start working soon. Also, it would take about 6 to 8 months more for the application’s approval so that he can start working legally.

Aside from this, he even reminds Yve that his mother is counting the days till her son’s return. More importantly, he admits that he doesn’t want to leave the US without a green card.

Mohamed Thinks Yve Doesn’t Want To Get Married

Mohamed wants to see his family soon. Now, he is blaming Yve for not wanting to get married. So, Yve warns him that she might actually think about it if he continues to act this way.

Yve insists that she just wants something special for her wedding. However, Mohamed responds by saying that he did not come to America to stay at home. Also, he claims that if Yve didn’t file the paperwork, he wouldn’t have come to the US.

Most 90 Day Fiance viewers are sided with Yve. However, do you think she is illogically unaware of Mohamed’s real intentions? Let us know in the comments below.

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90 Day Fiance Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yvette Arellano

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