’90 Day Fiance’: Low Shuts Down Asuelu’s Mom Lesina

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90 Day Fiance Low Vs Lesina

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is nothing short of a clash o the Pacific Islanders with Low going toe-to-toe with Asuelu’s mom. There is no prize for guessing, Low won the battle, once again.

Viewers of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? have witnessed Asuelu Pulaa trying to stand by his wife in the past couple of episodes. Earlier in the season, fans raised questions about the new father avoiding to help raise his children and therefore forcing Kalani Faagata to take over.

Asuelu’s needy mother, sisters, and customs are making his attempts to adapt to the American way of parenting even harder. Asuelu’s mother, Lesina hasn’t shied away from admitting that she wants her son to get a divorce from his wife.

This argument started when Asuelue said he couldn’t give his extended family $1,000. With Lesina playing the Polynesian card a bit too much, Low decided to step in. Kalani’s father has openly expressed his disapproval of his daughter’s relationship with Asuelu, primarily because he did not want her to marry someone born and raised in Samoa.

Low told cameras that he realizes how Asuelu was feeling being in the middle since his family is “is kind of crazy about what they want.” Laying down the law, Low says if Asuelu fails to stick up for his family, it would be hard for him to support him being a part of their family.

When the two families sat around the dinner table, Low made it clear where he stood, even speaking in Samoan at times. Kalani’s mother and Asuelu’s sister raise their voices, but Low quickly calmed them down saying, “the Palagi culture and the Samoan culture they don’t mix very well.”

Fans realize that Low heard all the information and decided to shut down the older Samoan mother. He said it was fine to send help, provided they could afford it.

Low said it is not feasible for them to send all their money to Samoa, leaving their family to starve. Viewers are lauding Low’s resilience and understand that it wasn’t easy for him to watch his daughter suffer.

90 Day Fiance Low Vs Lesina

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