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’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Believes People Get Offended Because Of Her Financial Independence

“90 Day Fiance” fame star Larissa Santos Lima took to Instagram Tuesday to open up about her arrest, which took place three years ago.

“Yesterday was 3 years since my arrest, and how things have changed,” she wrote in the caption.

She further mentioned how people used to comment on her social media profiles. “‘Larissa! I’m going to unfollow you because of the photos you post. Omg! She’s gone too far! I can’t look at her Instagram anymore.’ Funny fact: I was better liked when at my lowest in life,” she added.

“When I was depressed, unhappy, and always fighting with people, I was to some adored,” she shared. “They called me their spirit animal and cheered me on with love and encouragement to keep going.”

“People started to be offended by me making money, buying a home in Brazil, and be financially independent,” she wrote. “I’m very well paid on 0nl¥fans and one of the best creators out there. MANY people started on the same venture, but not everyone could keep their business up like I did.”

“It’s a path in life that you can’t try to hide. So, I never hid it. I do what I want to do, and I own it,” she wrote. “I’m not going to stop to posting what I want to keep the judgemental people entertained.”

She further encouraged people to unfollow her if they get offended by her.

“For those happy for my accomplishments, who support my 0nl¥fans, and see me happy and drama-free: you are a wonderful community, and I’m so blessed to see you on my feed,” she concluded.

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