90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio

’90 Day Fiance’: Juliana Explains Why She Won’t Show Baby’s Face Once She Delivers

Juliana Custodio isn’t willing to show her baby’s face. The 90 Day Fiance star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Ben Obscura.

Pregnant Juliana Custodio has revealed why she might not want to show her baby’s face in photos. The former European professional model met Michael Jessen while partying on a yacht in Croatia.

However, the couple received a lot of criticism on 90 Day Fiance season 7 due to their large age gap. In fact, some viewers believed Juliana wanted to marry Michael only for a Green Card.

After moving to the US, she stayed with Michael for about two years before announcing their separation on their second wedding anniversary. Juliana returned to Germany to restart her career, as per a ScreenRant report.

She is currently happy with her new fiance Ben Obscura. Juliana is now 37 weeks pregnant with Ben’s baby. She has been sharing key details about her motherhood journey with her Instagram followers.

Juliana Reveals Why She Won’t Show Baby’s Face

Despite her exit from the TLC show, Juliana continues to get hated for absolutely no reason. During a Q&A session, one of her Instagram followers asked her if they will get an opportunity to see her baby’s face after its birth.

Juliana told the fan that she is “still not sure.” She went on to point out that people spread lies about her and her child when she was pregnant. They claim that some people who couldn’t accept that her relationship with Michael was over were spreading these lies.

90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio

However, she did not pay heed to these rumors and chose to enjoy her pregnancy. So, she isn’t comfortable posting her baby’s photo online due to the hate and horrible messages she had previously received.

Juliana allegedly cheated on Michael with his ex-wife Sarah Naso’s husband Sean Naso. Michael’s ex-wife Sarah raised questions over the “paternity of Juliana’s baby,” because she thought Sean was the baby’s father.

Nevertheless, Juliana handled these ridiculous rumors well. Moreover, Juliana claimed that some people had gone as far as wishing ill on her baby.

Likewise, some viewers think that she doesn’t want to embrace motherhood because she wants to get back to modeling after delivering the baby. What do you think about Juliana’s choice to hide her baby’s face on social media? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Also, watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!

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