’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny Visits Krishna Temple With Dubious Motives

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90 Day Fiance cast member Jenny Slatten is drawing flak for dubious motives behind wanting to become a Hare Krishna devotee.

The new episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way shows Jenny Slatten visiting an ISKCON temple with hidden intentions. The American meemaw explored the Hare Krishna devotee loophole in episode 3. She eventually revealed her true intentions of visiting the temple to the priest and volunteers.

Since then, TLC viewers have been calling her out for shamelessly disrespecting the religion on TV. Leaving India and returning to the United States every six months is proving to be an expensive process. However, when Jenny, a non-religious individual, found out about a missionary visa, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Jenny Left Heartbroken Again

Jenny told the Hare Krishna devotees at the temple that Sumit’s parents, Anil and Sahana were the bad guys in their relationship. Much to her chagrin, the ISKCON priest revealed that it could take about 10 years for her to meet the requirements for sponsorship of the visa.

“Missionary means missionary, you know?” Ajay told Jenny, whose eyes widened after realizing that she would have to become a dedicated, full-time devotee. However, Jenny’s focus was on getting married to Sumit and finding a way that would let her stay in the country. In other words, she did not want to serve the temple all day.

The official Twitter handle of 90 Day Fiance shared a short clip of Jenny chanting away. The clip shows Hare Krishna devotees teaching Jenny how to pray. Furthermore, it claims that they have never met anyone trying to join their religion just to get a missionary visa.

TLC Viewers Call Out Jenny For Having Ulterior Intentions

Taking to the comments section of this post, TLC viewer @AdrienneAurora wrote, “Seems like they would deny her knowing that she has ulterior motives.” Another fan @mmk81825553 said, “Sumit teaching Jenny how to scam now” with a facepalm emoji.

Reddit user u/Traditional-Fox6018 asked why would even Jenny think that she would get a missionary visa by visiting a temple once and doing one chant. The entire episode was quite painful to watch for fans. They felt as if the priest was also displeased with Jenny’s ramblings. Did you watch the episode? Let us know your thoughts on Jenny’s visit to the temple in the comments section below.

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