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’90 Day Fiance’: Jasmine Shares Throwback Pic Of Gino; Calls Him ‘Hot’

It looks like 90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda is super impressed by a throwback picture of Gino Palazzolo. Here’s why.

Jasmine Pineda shared a rare throwback photo of Gino Palazzolo, wherein the 90 Day Fiance star isn’t hiding his hair by wearing a hat. Moreover, the photo shows how her boyfriend looked at her age.

Gino met the Panamanian beauty on a dating website, but they have had several issues leading to them almost calling it quits. Jasmine will be introducing Gino to her mother in episode 12.

However, fans are raising questions over the couple’s age gap. Gino is 51, while Jasmine is 32, and both have dealt with divorces in their past. 

90 Day Fiance fans have slammed Jasmine for her anger issues and insecurity, but Gino proved to be even worse as he sent her topless photos to his ex-girlfriend.

Moreover, Gino has drawn flak for never taking off his hat. In the meantime, it looks like Jasmine’s love for him keeps growing.

Jasmine Shares A Throwback Photo Of Gino

Taking to her Instagram account, Jasmine recently posted a throwback pic of young Gino. In the photo, Gino is shirtless with shirtless.


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Moreover, he isn’t even wearing a hat. Jasmine wanted to show her followers how she and Gino would have looked together if they were the same age, as per a report by ScreenRant.

“Cute!” she captioned the photo.“If Gino and I had met at the same age What do you think?” she asked her IG followers.

“In a world of chaos, getting old is a beautiful blessing. Embrace it with gratitude,” she wrote.

Taking to the comments section, one of her followers wrote, “Wow! I didn’t know Gino was a lifeguard on the TV show Baywatch!!! These are awesome pics.”

Jasmine added, “call the firefighters… He looks hot.”

Another fan asked how old Jasmine and Gino are in the photo. Jasmine responded saying, both were 30 years old at the time. “I’m almost 36 now,” she explained.

A third commenter asked why Gino refuses to trim the patch of hair he has on the back of his bald head. Jasmine replied that Gino has psoriasis.

Psoriasis in that area is “very bad” and when he does trim it, “it hurts a lot,” she revealed.

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